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Accents & Mosses

Our Accents and Mosses add the perfect shape or color to any project you are working on.

Grass Ball Colors 2.5″

A handmade grass ball from India. These have been dyed various colors for all your designing needs.


Grapevine Garland 30′ – 35′-

Grapevine garland is about 5 stands of grapevine to make one garland 35′ long.


Grass Ball Natural 2.5″

Balls handmade in India. A clean uniform ball of vines. Natural green color. Many craft uses. Can be broken down as a source of raw material.


Canela Natural

Canela means cinnamon in Portuguese. Canela berrys have a fish scaled pattern to the outer covering. Berrys can be removed and used in crafts. A product with many uses from India.


Mood Moss

A thick, lush moss, a favorite of designers from all parts of the world.The source of our Mood moss is the great Smokey mountains of Virgina. A wonderful decorative moss with hundreds of uses. Excellent for lining wire hanging baskets. Useful as a soil cover in potted plants. Add classical style to orchid plantings, to hide roots Add Mood moss to your terrarium or reptile cage for a natural look. Each case contains a bulk amount equivalent to 2 CU. FT.


Raffia Natural

Raffia fiber is stripped from the leaves of palm trees. Imported from the island of Madagascar.  A great filler, or can be used to tie bows or dress up bags of product or gifts.


Moss Mat

Preserved moss formed into a mat 18 inches wide and 48 inches long. It has a mesh bottom, so you can cut any pattern you need. Great for any wall design or display.


Raffia Colors 7 Oz

Raffia comes from the leaves of Palm trees. Makes great bows, ribbons, package or bag ties.


Moss Stones

A man made moss stone. Looks good in rock gardens or with bonsi Will add character to any wet look environment.


Reindeer Moss Softened

Reindeer moss that has been preserved natural and also dyed in colors. It is soft and springy, great for fillers, covering top of cantainers, or use as accents for any arrangement.


Moss Vine

A 5 to 6′ moss covered wire that can be used as a garland for any of your designing needs.


Ribbon Excelsior

A course grade of Aspen tree fibers. The heavier cut makes for a ribbon effect. The item is loose bulk in a box. Many uses in potted plants.


Canela Colors

Canela means cinnamon in Portuguese. These being a immature group of seeds to one species of cinnamon. Can be used as a bunch or the individual seeds or berry’s by themselves in crafts. An exotic product from the land of spice India. These have been dyed in several colors.


Palm Fiber Natural

Palm fiber is excellent to hide glue and foam. Wrap tree trunks for a natural look.


Sheet Moss

Natural Sheet Moss bulk. No dyes or preservatives.


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