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Cones & Pods

Our cones and pods preserves natures beauty for your enjoyment

Lotus Pods Loose

Lotus is an aquatic plant. Grows in shallow still water. One of our most requested items. We use around one million pods a year. The large lotus is gathered in the USA. An item that will work in any situation.


Pomegranate (Bagged HDS)

Pomegranates have been hand selected for size and shape, then tinted to retain their natural beauty.


Pine Cones Austrian Painted- Call for Pricing

Painted Austrian Pine Cones. Two to three inches in length. Shipped from our Wisconsin warehouse. Ideal for Holiday wreaths and arrangements.


Ata Fruit 16″ Stemmed

Ata Fruit in native to India. These have had a light varnish applied to bring out the natural color. They are stemmed on a paper wrapped wire stem 16 inch long. Stem is easily shaped. Known also as brain fruit because of its look.


Pods Stemmed Assorted (Bulk) 16″

Our bulk offering of pods on a 16 inch paper wrapped wire stem. Ideal if you do not want to pay for the product to be placed in a plastic sleeve.


Lotus Pods Mini

Mini lotus imported from India. Native to all of the far east.  A fresh food source in native lands. A religious symbol in Asian cultures.


Palm Caps Colors

Palm caps are from the palm tree and the cap is the left over after the bloom and fruit.


Pine Cones Ponderosa Natural- Call for Pricing

Natural Ponderosa pine cones are three to four inches in length. Shipped from our Wisconsin warehouse.


Austriaca Cones Picked (Bulk)

Austriaca cones on a wooden pick. Cover your foam base. Christmas wreaths.


Pomegranate (Stemmed) 16″

The Pomegranate originated in Iran or Persia. A large dried Pomegranate was found in the tomb of Djehuty, butler of Queen Hatshepsut, one of the Pharaoh Queens of Egypt.


Mahogany Colors 16″

Mahogany pods are imported from India. These are dyed various colors and placed on paper wrapped wire stems.


Pods Mixed Deluxe 16″ Natural

Pods mixed deluxe is a mixture of 5 different pods on one bunch.


Pine Cones Slash Natural- Call for Pricing

Natural Slash Pine Cones. Four to six inches in length. Shipped from our Wisconsin warehouse.


Austriaca Cones Gold Picked

Painted gold Austrica Cones on a pick. Designed for effortless placement in foam forms. Great for crosses etc.


Protea Flower Small 16″

Protea flower is the result of trimming the edges and removing the interior petals of a protea flower. Some steaming and labor has been applied to open flat. A paper wrapped wire stem is applied. Stem is shape able. Proteas come from Africa, Australia and California. Due to the labor involved most of these are from Africa.


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