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Flowers & Foliage

Dried flowers for all your decorating needs.

Long Palm 45″

These pieces of Long Palm are cut forty five inches long.


Sun Palm Colors- OUT OF STOCK

Sun Palm dyed ideal for large spaces or project. Sun Palm head is approximately eight by fourteen inches.


Canela Colors

Canela means cinnamon in Portuguese. These being a immature group of seeds to one species of cinnamon. Can be used as a bunch or the individual seeds or berry’s by themselves in crafts. An exotic product from the land of spice India. These have been dyed in several colors.


Palm Burnt Natural- OUT OF STOCK

Palm tree leaves that are cut to shape with the edges burned. The process adds a nice color contrast to the Palm leaves. Imported from India


Banskia Hookerana with Natural Leaves –

Banksia hookerana grown in Australia and Africa and are one of the largest flowers from the region.



Also known as Rye. Strong stems and heads.


Canela Natural

Canela means cinnamon in Portuguese. Canela berrys have a fish scaled pattern to the outer covering. Berrys can be removed and used in crafts. A product with many uses from India.


Floral Button Colors- OUT OF STOCK

Floral Buttons are on their natural stem and are great for flower arrangements and bouquets.


Mistletoe Clip Strip- OUT OF STOCK

A Christmas classic. Has romantic European folklore. Standing underneath the mistletoe will require a kiss from your loved one!


Ting Ting Flowers

Ting Ting is from the Philippines. Ting Ting Flower has a small petal flower that has been added by hand. The flower adds color and interest to an otherwise boring dried grass. Draws attention in a delicate way.


Chinese Peony OUT OF STOCK

A handmade Peony. Twenty one inches in length. Also available in Burnt Oak/Mango not shown. Same color as Heliconia.


Palm Burnt Colors – OUT OF STOCK

Palm burnt are a natural palm which has the edges burnt for effect.


Star Flowers Colors

Star Flowers are imported from Brazil.  They are a small flower on their natural stem dyed in various colors. Great for  flower arrangements and Bouquets.


Water Lilium Leaves-OUT OF STOCK

Plastic Water Lilium Leaves


Eucalyptus Frosted Preserved- Call for Pricing

There are over 700 species of Eucalyptus. The ones we use here are hybrids for fresh and preserved floral markets. A plant that is known word wide in the floral trade. Also the oil has may medical uses. The frosted shown here has a light powder naturally occurring on the leaves. Shipped from California.


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