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Flowers & Foliage

Dried flowers for all your decorating needs.

Water Lilium Leaves-OUT OF STOCK

Plastic Water Lilium Leaves


Eucalyptus Frosted Preserved- Call for Pricing

There are over 700 species of Eucalyptus. The ones we use here are hybrids for fresh and preserved floral markets. A plant that is known word wide in the floral trade. Also the oil has may medical uses. The frosted shown here has a light powder naturally occurring on the leaves. Shipped from California.


Platyspermum Foliage Preserved 14″

Platyspermum foliage preserved without the platyspermum cones (spiral cones).


Parchment Hydrangea- OUT OF STOCK

- Artificial parchment Hydrangea flower on a long stem. A long lasting alternative to the fragile natural Hydrangea flower. Very realistic. Many uses and a good seller.


Wheat Natural Green 30″

Creates an image of vast waving field of grain in America’s heartland. This natural green color has been gathered before it matures to the classic golden brown color. Excellent item in a stand alone “shock” as it was know in the early 1800′s.


Eucalyptus Preserved Polished- CALL FOR PRICING

This Eucalyptus is preserved. It lacks the powder coating of that in the Frosted Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is used for oil and medicines. Shipped from California.


Peppermint Preserved

A nice filler that drapes nicely for a flowing feel. Available in several colors.


Amaranthus- OUT OF STOCK

This Amaranthus has been preserved. It is very soft and very easy to shape. A variety of colors are offered.


Wheat Blackbeard 30″

lackbeard is a variation of the classic golden wheat. The black on blond creates a striking contrast of natural color.



A protea from Africa.


Snake Leaf 18″ – 30″

Snake leafs are single leafs about one inch wide and 30″ tall.



Is an erect, waist high perennial bunch grass with grayish to bluish green leaves. Flowering heads are dense, spike like and usually two to five inches long. Dyed for all your designing needs.


Aloe Spray Leaf

Permanent Botanical Aloe Spray Leaf 25 inches in length.


Wheat Colors 30″

Classical and a staple item in the dried flower industry. Wheat has been a part of our offering for over 50 years! Dyed in colors to meet your needs.


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