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Flowers & Foliage

Dried flowers for all your decorating needs.


This Amaranthus has been preserved. It is very soft and very easy to shape. A variety of colors are offered.


Wheat Blackbeard 30″

lackbeard is a variation of the classic golden wheat. The black on blond creates a striking contrast of natural color.



A protea from Africa.


Snake Leaf 18″ – 30″

Snake leafs are single leafs about one inch wide and 30″ tall.



Is an erect, waist high perennial bunch grass with grayish to bluish green leaves. Flowering heads are dense, spike like and usually two to five inches long. Dyed for all your designing needs.


Aloe Spray Leaf

Permanent Botanical Aloe Spray Leaf 25 inches in length.


Wheat Colors 30″

Classical and a staple item in the dried flower industry. Wheat has been a part of our offering for over 50 years! Dyed in colors to meet your needs.



Oats from Italy has strong heads and will last a long time in your arrangements.


Pineapple Button

Pineapple Button is imported from Brazil. Available in several dyed colors.


Aloe Spray Shoot

Permanent Aloe Spray Shoot Botanical. Focal item. Beautiful ribbed design.


Wheat Natural 30″ 8 Oz-

Classical natural wheat, the inspiration for Amber Waves of grain. One would think that the source of this product would be America’s heartland. However this product is from Italy! The reason being that they cultivate a much older variety that has a stronger stem.


Fountain Grass 30″

Ornamental plant dyed in several colors


Rattail Millet

Millets are a group of small seed grains. Most often grown in areas at risk of drought. This variety has a very narrow and long seed head.


Banksia Hookeranas

These are dyed to meet your color coordination needs. Banksia is a member of the proteaceae family. Instead of the petal arrangement of a normal flower, it has bracts, which are actually modified leaves. Large bloom makes an excellent focal item in dried flower arrangements.


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