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Peacock, turkey, fowl? Our Feathers come in all shapes and sizes to beautify your work.

Golden Pheasant 18″ – 20″

Golden Pheasant have been kept in captivity since as early as 1740. Native to the mountains of central China. The central tail feathers are black spotted with cinnamon and the tip of the tail cinnamon buff.


Ostrich Spads 16″x 6″

Ostrich spads are a body feather. Short and broad.


Ostrich Wing 10″-13″

Ostrich wing feathers will regrow after being harvested. These are 10 to 13 inches in length. Imported from South Africa.


Peacock Feathers 30″ – 35″

Stunning male peacock tail feathers. The male peacock grows these feathers every year prior to mating season. He will spread his tail feathers in a large fan to display to potential mates. They are imported from India and China.


Ringneck Pheasant 18″-20″

Male tail feather 18-20 inches in length. A black brown streaked feather.


Feather Stick 19.5″

Feather stick is a 20″ stick with a few feathers attached to the tip.


Feather Balls

Feather Balls are an interesting and elegant ornament. A glimps into the 1920’s when feathers where the rage. An excellent stand alone item in bowls on bookshelves, tables or desks. Also many uses in arrangements. The color variations are derived by using feathers from different species of birds. Great accents !!  Also available in  3″,   4.75″ and 6″   Call for pricing.