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Linear Forms

Our linear forms create striking looks that our customers love.

Cholla Tree Finger- Call for pricing

These finger cholla trees have been sandblasted to remove all spines and enhance natural color. The cholla tree are the skeletal remains of the finger cholla cactus. Gathering is done in the arid desert regions of the southwestern United States. Shipped from Texas.



Mitsumata is from Japan. It has long been used to make paper. Its origin makes it a staple item in oriental arrangements. Can be formed to different shapes after soaking in water. All the bark has been removed then bleached leaving a very smooth finish.


Birch Branch 3′-4′

Branches could be the answer. With a three to four foot length they fill many requirements. Birch has a very nice natural brown color.


Natrag 20″ Polished

A freakish plant growth from India. No two are the same. A palm mated growth, some with fingers. A light varnish has been applied. A nice focal item.


Birch Poles- Call for Pricing

Schusters Birch Poles are up to eight feet long and 6 inches in diameter. They are shipped from our Wisconsin warehouse. We require that this item be ordered by phone. This allows us to give you a freight estimate. Simply call the 800 number to be advised of current freight costs to your location.


Redwood Branchy Sanded 6′- Call for Pricing

Six foot Redwood trees. Shipped from California. Must call for freight costs.


Birch Twigs Colored

Birch Twigs and branches painted in five colors. Birch Twigs are 36 to 48 inches in length. Shipped from Wisconsin warehouse.


Curly Willow Dyed 3-4′

Curly Willow or Corkscrew Willow is a member of the Salicaceae family. It has deciduous foliage. Limbs grow in a twisting fashion. Fresh Curly will spout roots in water and can then be planted. A good item for your taller needs. They are shipped from our California farms.


Glittered Birch Branches 3′-4′

Sparkling glitter added in white.silver,red or gold color.. Great item to take up some space. Long main stem with many lateral branches. Also available in natural and painted gold.


Wheat Colors 30″

Classical and a staple item in the dried flower industry. Wheat has been a part of our offering for over 50 years! Dyed in colors to meet your needs.


Wild Cane Colors 40″

Pencil size cane used to give height in arrangements and used to hold up orchids.


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