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Feather Stick 19.5″

Feather stick is a 20″ stick with a few feathers attached to the tip.


Crystal Fiber

A shredded plastic produced in the USA. See the how to section on how to use. Great party item.


Parchment Hydrangea

– Artificial parchment Hydrangea flower on a long stem. A long lasting alternative to the fragile natural Hydrangea flower. Very realistic. Many uses and a good seller.


Skeletal Peepul Leaves

Looks very similar to Aspen Leaves. Peepul leaves from the south pacific that have had the outer layer removed to expose the underlying veins. Then the leaves are bleached. Leaves are about four inches square.


Aloe Spray Shoot

Permanent Aloe Spray Shoot Botanical. Focal item. Beautiful ribbed design.