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Decorating Tips

Decorating Tips

Decorating Tips

River Cane Bundles

You say you’re ready to do some special floral arrangements using natural product to add to your home accessories.

How & where do we begin?  Let me be your guide, just come with me to my favorite dried flower wholesale supplier at www.schustersoftexas.com.

Now that we’ve gotten the supplies we need, get started with these step by step instructions.  Layer #1, place 3 natural Sun Palms in staggered positions; Layer #2, mix in the preserved foliage of the burgundy Lasianthia leaves; Layer #3, add 2-3 dried Hydrangeas in the vibrant colors of burgundy/blue (pinch off a bloom or two to glue onto the Sun Palms in selected places); Layer #4, add a few bleached bell caps with 3-4 natural colored Mahogany Pods.  Final step, tie together with a gathered-up bow of natural raffia, leaving curly streamers.  Hang-on the front door to welcome your visitors with colorful pizzazz.

Lead your guests into a floral paradise using the exotics of Ting Ting flowers in candy pink with Twisted Ting Ting in Boudreaux & Flax Grass in what else but Bordeaux.  Select at least 3 Banksia in Bordeaux to serve as the center of interest.  Place around the Banksia the Ting Ting flowers & Twisted Ting, pulling blades of the Flax Grass at random.  Poke-in several stalks of 20” natural Cane Coils & Cane Springs, to be the tallest points, keeping the arrangement loose & airy.  Set these in an appropriate container such as a milk glass vase or clay pot.

With all this decorating going on, keep in mind the different aromas available in potpourri.  Being the crafty, decorative genius we are, we can make our own using natural products from our wholesale source, www.schustersoftexas.com, using the preserved flowers & preserved foliage available.  We can combine the burgundy preserved Peppermint with the burgundy preserved Cedar Leaves.  Tempt our palate by adding the purple or red Eucalyptus.  Arrange these into a bundle form, placing the cedar & peppermint on the bottom with stems overlapping in the center.  Place the Eucalyptus gingerly on top of the above, along with a couple of cinnamon sticks.  Wrap this bundle of nose twitching treats with several strands of raffia for home accessories to bring pleasure to all who enter.  Place on a table in your entry way or lay on a window sill or hang as swags above the entry door.

Thinking on the same wave length or should I say following the aroma trail we’ll be using the preserved Eucalyptus dried wreath (wreaths are not just for hanging anymore).

Place it in a straw basket large enough to hold it up sideways.  Add, to the wreath, just the heads of the merlot Celosia, using at least 5 good sized ones;  mix-in burgundy Vabascum tips, letting them hang down & around the wreath.  Make a nice sized raffia bow using the natural color & attach at the base of the wreath.  How about that for an aromatic change?

Everyone I know loves plants.  Since I have no green thumb, I rely heavily on dried preserved greenery such as the green Succulent with a mix of green Lasiantha added for fullness & natural color of the Phalaris & basil twisted Ting Ting snipped off to the length of your choosing.  Place in a terra cotta pot.   Why not do several of these at a time to take to a neighbor or a shut-in, with a note attached “No Care Needed”?  Wouldn’t that be a nice gesture on your part?

Another option could find us using several 3’-4’ Birch Branch bundles mounted in a large container.  Place a 30” Peacock Feather Spray down in front of the Birch.  At the base fill in with green preserved hanging Amaranthus (fairly thick), having it spill (in different lengths) over the edge of a clay pot.

Since I like arranging things in threes, let’s form a small 7” circle using the grapevine garland, gluing yellow Ting Ting flowers at random on the vine.  Fill the circle with sheet moss, making a nest.  Pop in a colorful fake bird for a tweet treat.  Group these last 3 floral arrangements together for a complete overview.

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