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Skeletal Peepul Leaves

Looks very similar to Aspen Leaves. Peepul leaves from the south pacific that have had the outer layer removed to expose the underlying veins. Then the leaves are bleached. Leaves are about four inches square.

Decorating Tips

Decorating Tips       ORDER REED BUNDLE NOW     You say you’re ready to do some special floral arrangements using natural product to add to your home accessories. How & where do we begin?  Let me be your guide, just come with me to my favorite dried flower wholesale supplier at www.schustersoftexas.com. Now that we’ve gotten the supplies we need, get started with these step by step instructions.  Layer #1, place 3 natural Sun Palms in staggered positions; Layer #2, mix in the preserved foliage of the burgundy Lasianthia leaves; Layer #3, add 2-3 dried Hydrangeas in the vibrant colors of burgundy/blue (pinch off a bloom or two to glue onto the Sun Palms in selected places); Layer […]

Crystal Fibers

CRYSTAL FIBERS (Lots of BANG for the buck!) ORDER CRYSTAL FIBER NOW Create an Opitical Illusion! Sawtooth and White Gold can both be used in water! The light refraction gives the optical illusion of being more than there really is. Fill your container with water then using small amounts of Crystal Fiber keep adding until you get the desired amount. Top this off with either a candle or your favorite flower. Get Crystal Fibers to creative your own optical illusion! Fresh Floral Arrangements Make your flower arrangement then add the crystal fiber by pushing small amounts down between the stems. A wire or reed is good to use for placing the fiber where it is needed. Keep Your Arrangements Fresh […]

Freeze Dried Flowers

How to Work With Freeze Dried Flowers Since acquiring an interest in Freeze Dried Flowers I found an abundance of instructions on the internet. I found quite a few ways of flower preservation, one being the use of a freeze drying machine, which takes-up to 4 weeks & the process is labor intensive & time consuming. Save Money For less expensive methods, I found these to be more popular, use of desiccant (a substance such as calcium oxide) as a drying agent. Mix by hand 4 parts borax (run through a sieve first) & 1 part silica gel.  Put down a layer of this powder mix in the bottom of air-tight jar, Tupperware, or plastic bag.  Cut-off stems close to […]

Dried Flower Wreaths

How to Work With Dried Flower Wreaths Dried flower wreaths, how fitting as I just received a unique fresh eucalyptus leaf Christmas wreath with red & purplish berries on it from my Grand-daughter Sandy & her husband Alex, sent from Australia. The instructions with the wreath said to keep it in a cool place, out of the sun & it will dry naturally & (be good next year, too).  I’m pretty skeptical about this, but will wait & see, as I continue to enjoy it.  I’ve placed a large vanilla candle ring in the center for a SMELL GOOD EYE CANDY TREAT. For lasting floral unique wreaths let us discuss ways used to preserve flowers with these following methods. A […]

Dried Flower Petals

Love is in the Air! Dumm….dumm….da..dummm. Is that the strains of the wedding march I hear? You bet. With all this romance in the air, we’re thinking rose petals, silk petals, rose buds, arranging table decorations using preserved rose petals and getting what we need for the perfect wedding. A trip to the florist where there care in flower preservation takes some of the pressures of wedding preparations off our shoulders. Bride’s Bouquet A complete one stop shop for the brides’ bouquet (one suitable for tossing in the air), boutonnières, corsages, even down to the rose petals in the flower girls basket. Table Decorations Since roses are your flower choice, for table decorations we will use preserved rose petals arranging […]

Dried Flower Crafts

Celebrate Patriotism with Exotic Arrangements Independence Day, Patriot Day, Veterans Day, Election Day 08, Pearl Harbor Day in December, plus gone-by  Flag Day, Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Presidents Day & others; EVERYDAY should be a flag-waving show of allegiance, showing our love of freedom & the USA. Using a wide range of dried flowers, native & exotic arrangements we can do creative & fun projects to celebrate each of these holidays. Using Gypsy Blooms Begin with the 18” grapevine wreaths, adding red/white/ blue Gypsy Blooms at random, twisting loosely a red/silver/blue garland among the blooms add a red raffia bow. Capturing the patriotic spirit, continue with an easy-to-create doorknob decoration, using red berry branches, bleached white curly willow, blue […]


Also Known as Mexican Cinnamon Canela means cinnamon in Portuguese and Spanish. It is often referred to as Mexican Cinnamon. Canela berrys have a fish scaled pattern on their outer covering. Canela berrys can be removed and used in crafts. Other Information about Canela Canela is a town situated in the Serra Gaúcha of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Both Canela and it’s close neighbor Gramado are important tourist resorts and draw many visitors each year. Ecotourism is extremely popular in this area as are activities like hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding and river rafting. The most popular tourist attraction in Canela is the well known Parque do Caracoland the Cataract or Cascata do Parque do Caracol (Snail Falls Park). […]

How to Preserve Color and Beauty in Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have a particular quality that lends chic to any décor. Preparing dried flowers requires very keen know-how and little or no extravagant equipment. In essence, drying flowers is very simple. The only things that the ordinary person must take into account are tiny details which are needed to guarantee the beauty and longevity of dried flowers. In general, there are two ways to prepare dried flowers: (1) hanging and drying, and (2) drying in silica gel. Whether you prefer to use the first or second, the goal is to remove moisture from the blossoms without drastically modifying their shape and color. Here are some basic steps in preparing dried flowers using the hanging and drying method: Pick flowers […]

How to Dry Flowers in the Microwave

The use of dried flowers in floral arrangements and crafts is swiftly becoming trendy nowadays. Indeed, flower preservation is not only a fun and ever dynamic hobby it can also be a profitable business. When you talk about dried flowers, what immediately comes to mind as regards the drying process is the popular air drying technique (which utilizes humidity levels to extract moisture from flowers) or the traditional hang and dry technique (this takes advantage of storing plant material in a dark and cool enclosure since darkness contributes to the retention of the color of plant material). However, there’s another way of coming up with dried flowers. No, I’m not technically talking about purchasing dried flowers from virtual and local […]

Palm Fiber

ORDER PALM FIBER NOW Looks are Deceiving! Palm fibers appearance is deceiving. At first glance you think the possibilities are limited, but in the hands of a floral designer, craft designer, or gifted tree designer the ideas begin to explode. A unique quality of the product is its ability to stretch, roll, and fold. Start designing with palm fiber! Make a Palm Tree! Palm trees are easy to duplicate using PVC pipe, or yucca poles and palm fiber glued to the PVC, or yucca pole in layers. If you want some movement in your tree trunk simply heat the PVC and bend slightly one way and then another as a tree would normally grow. Once this is completed, start at […]