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Dried Flower Petals

Dried Flower Petals

Love is in the Air!

Dumm….dumm….da..dummm. Is that the strains of the wedding march I hear? You bet.

With all this romance in the air, we’re thinking rose petals, silk petals, rose buds, arranging table decorations using preserved rose petals and getting what we need for the perfect wedding.

A trip to the florist where there care in flower preservation takes some of the pressures of wedding preparations off our shoulders.

Bride’s Bouquet

A complete one stop shop for the brides’ bouquet (one suitable for tossing in the air), boutonnières, corsages, even down to the rose petals in the flower girls basket.

Table Decorations

Since roses are your flower choice, for table decorations we will use preserved rose petals arranging them among the green preserved Ming Fern foliage with rose buds & the natural 21” Chinese Roses placed at random down the center of the tables.

Place Settings

At each place setting, we will use a single Chinese Rose atop the napkin.

Registration Table

Shop Schusters NOW!For the registration table decoration, we will do a topiary tree using Chinese Rose petals mixed with Ming Fern, covering a round 8” sheet moss ball on a bamboo pole placed in a ceramic burnt oak vase which has been filled with moss.

Another Option fo Boquets

A second option for a pretty summer wedding would be the choice of using burgundy Hydrangeas, for adding more romance into the occasion.

Using three of the silk blooms, with tropical boxwood leaves tied together with burgundy ribbon strimmers, to which a few petals have been glued at random, makes a perfect brides’ bouquet. Her attendant’s bouquet could be the same only use one of the Hydrangea blooms.

The Groom

The groom & his attendants could have boutonnières of a few pulled apart silk petals, tied with ribbon.

The Bridal Party

The parents & others in the bridal party could have corsages of the same pulled apart burgundy Hydrangea silk flowers. Fill the flower girls basket with the snipped off silk petals for tossing in the aisle as she precedes the bride.

Table Decorations

Shop Schuster's NOW!Table decorations will be made simple by using the boxwood leaves trailing down the center of banquet type tables with pulled apart blooms & petals of the Hydrangea mixed with sprigs of English Lavender placed on top of the leaves at random.

The registration table will be graced by an ivory ceramic oval bowl with foot, filled with the burgundy Hydrangeas & boxwood leaves, to which a few of the lavender has been added.

Attendant Activity

Have an attendant carry a basket around & hand out guest mementos of net sachets bags of English lavender potpourri, each tied with burgundy ribbon with a few silk petals attached. A special note of interest…..the four leaf silk petal of the Hydrangea is a perfect butterfly shape, add a 2 prong wire for the feelers, glue to a wooden pick & use for food picks, flower accents for bouquets & mix with table decorations. The perfect butterfly to wing the couple on toward their new life together.

Shop Schusters of TexasShop at Schusters!

Instead of harvesting your own flowers such as the magnolia, rose buds, etc, then having to do the flower preservation of the freeze dried process, come with me to my favorite wholesale place www.schustersoftexas.com.

Schusters offers full assortments of dried flowers, silk flowers, foliage, pods, feathers, mosses, bamboo, reeds, raffia, wreaths, accents of grass balls in assortments of colors, not to mention mistletoe, twig spray with bird nest, grapewood branches, manzanita wood, cholla, yucca poles, gourds, even a thatched Umbrella cover. WOW!

Where do I Start?

With all these choices where do I begin?

Picture this, a lush green backyard lawn, with a bamboo cane fence, tiki bar, with palm leaf thatched runner covering the roof & bottom part of it. AHH!

Shop Schuster's NOW!The decorating possibilities, coconuts, gourds & sun palms in chocolate & spice plus assortments of star shell fish, Mexican flat shells, calico pectin shells & yellow cup shells for arranging with the palms on a drapery of fish net for the background on the back of the bar wall.

Large wooden bowls filled with brown/green grass ball assortment sitting at random on tables. A virtual paradise for relaxing after a long day at work.

Shop Schuster’s NOW! >

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