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Dried Flower Wreaths

Dried Flower Wreaths

How to Work With Dried Flower Wreaths

Shop Schusters NOW!Dried flower wreaths, how fitting as I just received a unique fresh eucalyptus leaf Christmas wreath with red & purplish berries on it from my Grand-daughter Sandy & her husband Alex, sent from Australia.

The instructions with the wreath said to keep it in a cool place, out of the sun & it will dry naturally & (be good next year, too).  I’m pretty skeptical about this, but will wait & see, as I continue to enjoy it.  I’ve placed a large vanilla candle ring in the center for a SMELL GOOD EYE CANDY TREAT.

Shop Schuster's NOW!For lasting floral unique wreaths let us discuss ways used to preserve flowers with these following methods. A desiccant agent can be used by mixing silica gel/borax, with flowers placed on a bed of this mixture, in an air-tight container, covering them completely, then sealing them up & store for 4 weeks in a dark closet; microwave; or air-drying method where you use the long stems, removing lower leaves & tying them together with elastic bands, opening them into a fan shape.  Hang upside down in dark, dry place for 1-3 weeks till dry, then your ready to preserve your memories in hand crafted wreaths

Don’t be afraid of trying something new, most of all have fun.  If preserving flowers is not your bag, find the supplies you need at your nearest family owned business.

Shop Schusters of TexasWith Mothers Day coming-up soon, do a couple of  handmade swags using the lavender buds & pink larkspur combo on a grapevine wreath, pulling-in white glitter berry branches, adding a few Blue/Purple parchment Hydrangeas a little off center.

Did you know that lavender buds yield oils used in perfumes, no wonder they smell so good?  Let’s make a potpourri mix using crushed-up lavender buds & pink larkspur, fill net bags with it, tie with a colorful ribbon.   WA-LA  you have an extra sweet treat for Mom.

Now finally we come to the provider of all these delicate flowers, the flower farm.

Gee, I thought the florist shop grew all those lovelies much like some people think food is grown at the grocery store, NO FARMERS growing fruits, vegetables, corn, & wheat oats for bread , NO RANCHERS, raising cattle for steaks, hamburger, roast, etc.  NO CHICKENS, NO HOG FARMS either.

Shop Schuster's NOW!OOP’S BACK to the flower farm.  I found quite a few in the United States from California (where day lilies are available all year) to Connecticut (a premier American source for plants, shrubs, bulbs & garden supplies delivered to your door, with gardening tips & helpful ideas); to Vermont ( where they have established perennials, unusual bulbs & seasonal annual available throughout the growing season).  ALL MADE IN THE USA.

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