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Freeze Dried Flowers

Freeze Dried Flowers

How to Work With Freeze Dried Flowers

Since acquiring an interest in Freeze Dried Flowers I found an abundance of instructions on the internet.

I found quite a few ways of flower preservation, one being the use of a freeze drying machine, which takes-up to 4 weeks & the process is labor intensive & time consuming.

Save Money

Shop Schusters NOW!For less expensive methods, I found these to be more popular, use of desiccant (a substance such as calcium oxide) as a drying agent.

Mix by hand 4 parts borax (run through a sieve first) & 1 part silica gel.  Put down a layer of this powder mix in the bottom of air-tight jar, Tupperware, or plastic bag.  Cut-off stems close to the base of the flower & place the blossom face down on the above mentioned mixture.  Pour powder over it, covering completely, and then another layer, continue until container, jar or bag is full, and close lids tightly.

If using a bag gently press down on it & remove all the air.  Tie bag with string as close to flower heads as possible.  Store in a dark room or closet for 4 weeks.  NO PEEKING.

After the 4 weeks, gently remove blossoms one at a time, gently blowing off the powder.  This method works best when flowers are really fresh.

Air Drying

Shop Schuster's NOW!Another inexpensive way is the air-drying method, using the long stem of a flower, removing lower leaves & fastening them together with elastic bands, opening them into a fan shape.

Hang upside down in a dark, dry place, such as a closet, where they won’t be disturbed for 1-3 weeks till dry. Now put your creativity to work.

Art of Flower Preservation

The art of flower preservation has been a boost to the floral industry, as consumers are buying more fresh flowers for gifts, special events, weddings & wedding flowers to preserve into a forever keepsake.

Sprinkle a few rose petals or even silk rose petals down the center of reception tables, or fill the flower girls basket to the brim.

Fall Colors

Shop Schusters of TexasWith the fall colors of orange, red & yellow covering the countryside, the challenge of flower preservation took hold of me.  With such an array of leaves & flowers to choose from, I selected the ececo-friendly sunflower, placed on a knarled-up piece of driftwood for preserved floral arrangements & gifts for my shut-in friends.

This combo of fall colors will bring the joy of sun filled days past & add warmth to cold winter months until we prepare for Christmas with poinsettias, holly & cedar.


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