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Palm Fiber

Palm Fiber

Palm Fiber

Looks are Deceiving!
Palm fibers appearance is deceiving.

At first glance you think the possibilities are limited, but in the hands of a floral designer, craft designer, or gifted tree designer the ideas begin to explode.

A unique quality of the product is its ability to stretch, roll, and fold.

Start designing with palm fiber!

Make a Palm Tree!
Palm trees are easy to duplicate using PVC pipe, or yucca poles and palm fiber glued to the PVC, or yucca pole in layers.

If you want some movement in your tree trunk simply heat the PVC and bend slightly one way and then another as a tree would normally grow. Once this is completed, start at the top and glue your first piece of palm net in place then work your way down the trunk until you reach the bottom.

Some designers like to intermix palm fiber and palm net which is stiffer than palm fiber. This gives softness, and the contrast of warm to dark brown creates a beautiful effect.

Get Palm Fiber and make a palm tree!

Make a Wall Sconce!
To assemble a quick wall sconce, stretch the palm fiber, then place pods, grass, feathers or flowers on the palm fiber and roll into a cone.

Secure with raffia, bark wire, or simply hot glue, add natural mosses and lichen to give a true lodge look.

For the tropical look you might try peacock feathers, skeletalized leaves, pods and a permanent tropical flower.

Secure with raffia, hot glue and finish with a small sea shell in the center of the raffia bow.

Get Palm Fiber for Your Wall Sconce!

Make a Unique Picture Frame!
Cut a frame from cardboard and cover with palm fiber.

You’ll have a fast, unique picture frame that will work well with tropical or lodge decor by just adding shells, or moss and lichen.

Get Palm Fiber to make a Picture Frame!

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