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The Phenomenal Feather

The Phenomenal Feather

Hen, Goose and Duck Feathers

Ancient Decorations
Feathers have been used as decorations since early man yearned to improve himself and his dwelling.

Once again feathers have surged into the forefront in thc design world. This trend started about three years ago and has continued to grow with no end in sight.

We are using feathers for all seasons now where once we considered them strictly a fall item.

Feathers make Fall, Christmas and every day take on an exciting new look!

Used in Many Decors
Feathers lend themselves well to the Lodge Look, Traditional, Free-form, California mission, French Country, Tropical and Oriental style design work.

There are long feathers, short feathers, garlands, balls in different sizes, feathers on sticks, feather accents, feathers in an array of natural color.

Schusters of Texas Feathers will set your imagination on fire!

Amherst Pheasant Feathers

Lady Amherst Feathers
Lady Amherst Feathers are approximately 20″ to 25″ long.

They have a nice drape and lend themselves well to shaping.

Lady Amherst is colored a soft dove gray that fades into dusty brown. Its surrounded by rich crescents of black on one side.

The opposite side features an intricate pattern of charcoal brown and dove gray.

Reeves Pheasant Feathers

Reeves Feathers
Reeves Feathers are another Pheasant of grand dimension.

Bands of rust and dark brown make an interesting uneven pattern across the feather, alternating with bands of dove gray and tipped on one side with rust

The other side with mottled splashes of dark brown.


Golden Pheasant Feathers (20″ to 25″)
Golden Pheasant Feathers with a gold background is broken up with irregular lines and circles in dark brown to black giving the appearance of a jungle print.


Ringneck Pheasant Feathers

Ringneck Pheasant Feathers
Ringneck Pheasant Feathers, like all of nature’s colors at first glance may appear to be gold, black and rust.

Upon close examination you’ll find a world of intricate shades and colors, ranging from rust and brown to magenta.

Pattern is much like thc Reeves feather.


Peacock Feathers

Peacock Feathers
Peacock congers up exotic images of India, Maharajahs, beautiful peacocks with wide green expanses of lawns, servants and tea under the Banyan tree.

Peacock tail feathers average 35″ in length, colors ranging from blue green with glints of brownish-gold on the lower three forth of the feather.

The upper forth of thc feather consists of the eye, which is thc predominant feature. Center feature is a deep vivid blue surrounded by blue-green and gold.


Feather Curling
Simplest way to curl feathers is by running your fingers over the feather in the same direction repeatedly. This gives a soft curve without breaking the spine.

For a more pronounced curl – use the back of a knife or back of the scissor blade. Start at the tip end of the feather, taking a one or two inch section and pull the blade beneath the under side of the spine. Keep repeating the process until you get the desired amount of curl.

“Walking The Feather”
To give a completely different direction to a feather use the back of a knife or scissors starting at the bottom of the quill and work toward the tip (place the back of the blade firmly against the quill using your thumb – bend the quill in the direction you want it to go taking small bits at a time until you get the curve and direction desired.)

Switch to the other side of the feather and repeat the process.

The amount of movement depends on the length of your feather.

Featherize — glamorize your designs!

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